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Our Story

After seven years as a buyer for UK and US based fashion retailers, Grace Waddington, founder of Rings with Grace turned her hand to fine jewellery after finding the current engagement ring offering almost impossible to navigate! It was at that point she realised engagement ring purchasing needed to be easier and meet the needs of modern day couples through the right design, accessible pricing and a transparent process. 

Our Process

Handcrafted in London using high-quality materials and age-old techniques, we create timeless designs that are crafted with love and care. Each is made just for you and can be completely customised. Our aim is to educate our clients throughout the bespoke process so that you know how to get the best value possible to create your perfect piece.

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Our Materials and Sourcing

Making responsibly is incredibly important to us; it's at the heart of what we do. We have established relationships with each of our suppliers who follow the same likeminded business practices and strive to support transparency within the supply chain. Our natural diamonds are sourced on the guarantee that the diamonds are conflict-free, originate from legitimate sources and are compliant with the Kimberly Process. We are proud to partner with our lab-grown supplier who is recognised as an accredited producer and handler of Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds. Our metals are traceable or 100% recycled, we are also Fairtrade Registered and can work with Fairtrade Gold on request. We work with 18 carat gold as well as platinum.