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Your special piece reimagined

We understand the sentimental value attached to your jewellery and whilst it might be much loved, it may need a refresh to suit your own personal style.

Whether it's reviving an heirloom or giving new life to a piece that holds special memories, our skilled goldsmiths combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics to create bespoke, elegant pieces that make your piece wearable again.

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Resetting this pear diamond into a Dainty has given it a whole new lease of life. 

The simplicity of the polished yellow gold band makes the diamond pop and it is easily stackable with any wedding or eternity ring. 

Additionally, we used the client's grandmother's 22ct Gold wedding band to craft the setting which makes this piece so special and sentimental. 

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Sometimes less really is more!

Taking this beautiful emerald cut out of its original halo setting has allowed the diamond to stand out on it's own. It can now be stacked with any wedding band.

We love it paired with our Marquise Band but head to our Instagram for more inspiration on how to wear this beauty.

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Another really interesting pear reset, this time taking an heirloom diamond from its original asymmetrical yellow gold setting and transforming it with a brand new Platinum Dainty with Pavé.

This now sits flush with the client's wedding band and is secure and comfortable for daily wear. 

We were able to repurpose diamonds from another heirloom piece belonging to the client by adding these to the shoulders of the engagement ring. 

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A really simple redesign was all that was needed for this oval diamond. 

Taking it from it's original chunky platinum setting and resetting it into our Dainty in 18ct Yellow Gold with Platinum claws has made such a difference to the overall feel of the ring and we love how much more the diamond stands out in this slim band.

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Turning your solitaire into a "Toi et Moi" style is one of the most effective ways to rework an existing piece.

Our client had this beautiful fancy yellow cushion cut engagement ring and the addition of a white pear shape diamond in our signature handcrafted yellow gold and platinum Toi et Moi setting has given it a fresh new look. 

Check out our Instagram for more images of this special ring.