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Get ready to add some sparkle to your celebrations with our curated collection of diamonds and gold. We have handpicked a range of special pieces that blend classic diamonds with the warmth of gold, perfect for adding that extra touch of magic to your everyday. Whether it's for a special someone or a treat for yourself, our fine jewellery is a gift that's crafted to last.

Diamond Eternity Ring

Diamond eternity rings are a versatile and elegant piece. Their stackable nature allows for personalisation and creativity, enabling the wearer to add to their existing rings or simply wear on special occasions. Whether worn alone or in a stack, a diamond ring is a timeless addition to any jewellery collection.

Featured left to right:
Baguette Band
Saturn Band
Baby Oval Band


Personalised Disc Necklace

Our latest addition to our fine jewellery collection. Crafted in 9ct Yellow Gold, our Disc Necklace is the perfect piece to wear everyday. It will catch the light wherever you go and shimmers beautifully when worn. Make it personal to your recipient with a complimentary initial engraving.

Also popular as a bridesmaids' present, or to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

The Disc Necklace


A Diamond Bracelet

Sparkle with one of our diamond Tennis Bracelets or, opt for something a little daintier. Our bracelets look so beautiful in a wrist stack or worn alone. The perfect gift to yourself or your loved one.

Illusion Diamond Tennis Bracelet
The Dainty Bracelet

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The Dainty Diamond Earrings

A classic addition to every ear. Our Dainty Diamond Earrings suit every style. This is available in two sizes set in your choice of metal and diamond shape. Available in both natural and lab grown diamonds. 

The Dainty Oval Diamond Earrings

Dainty earring larger size.JPG__PID:ab4080b6-00fe-4b09-bd69-48982a27f352

The Dainty Necklace

The Dainty Necklace is an easy classic, and is sure to impress your loved one.  The perfect piece to wear from day to night over the festive period. A half carat Oval sits beautifully in the centre of a delicate gold chain, appearing to float against your décolletage. 

Available in your choice of shape, metal and in both lab grown and natural diamonds.

The Dainty Necklace


Make a Statement

Elevate your wrist with our chunky 14ct Yellow Gold Paperclip Bracelet. This piece looks just as good alone as it does in a wrist stack. A true investment piece that will be in your jewellery box forever.

Be prepared for plenty of compliments with this eye catching design on your wrist.

Also available as a necklace.

Paperclip Bracelet


4 Top Tips For Buying Jewellery as a Gift

Baby Oval Example.jpg__PID:bd8fd9ad-b53c-4d89-b515-436e78a7c393

Find the correct finger size

To discreetly determine your partner's finger size, consider borrowing a ring they frequently wear on the intended finger. Bring it to a jeweller, who can measure it for you. Alternatively, you can download a ring sizing app to your phone. We can also send a complimentary sizing tool in the post. Contact us here to arrange. Keep in mind, though, that consulting a professional jeweller for an accurate size is often the most reliable approach. 

Contact us for more advice and guidance.

Mixing Metals.jpg__PID:61cb95f8-01ba-4e18-9e01-3b48e21d3da8

Choose the right metal

First, observe your partner's existing jewellery. Take note of the metal types they prefer, whether it's Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or Platinum. Consider their skin tone as well; warmer tones often suit Yellow or Rose Gold, while cooler tones pair nicely with White Gold or Platinum. Lastly, factor in their lifestyle and activities to ensure durability; for example, Platinum is a great option for everyday wear, while more delicate metals like Rose Gold may be better suited for special occasions.


Personalise it

Adding a personal touch can make your piece even more special. Our Disc Necklace can be engraved with your chosen intial, be that theirs, yours or somebody special. We can also add an additional initial on the opposite side. Please get in touch if this is of interest. 

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The Disc Necklace 


Still unsure? 

We're excited to offer both virtual and physical gift vouchers, providing you with the perfect present option for when you're not quite sure. Whether your loved one prefers the convenience of shopping from home or would like to visit us, our gift vouchers cater to all preferences, making sure you find the perfect gift for that special someone. 

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